CodeLobster PHP IDE for Drupal development

Submitted by Janak on Tue, 09/13/2011 - 16:04

I received an invite to review CodeLobster - A new, feature rich, PHP IDE on the scene with very good support for Drupal and Wordpress among other CMS and Frameworks.

As a Drupal developer, the focus of this short introduction will be Drupal integration (obviously).

Among standard CodeLobster IDE features (free version), it has some very interesting support for Drupal development (pro version), one of the things many find lacking in many IDEs is out of the box Drupal support for Auto complete, API integration etc.

CodeLobster's Drupal plugin supports:

  • Ability to create project automatically installing CMS Drupal
  • Autocomplete, help and tooltips for module's hooks
  • Autocomplete and tooltips for Drupal's function theme
  • Autocomplete for Drupal's forms
  • Drupal search - for menu path and menu function
  • Wizard for creating new modules
  • Help on Drupal API

Screenshots (from CodeLobster website)

Drupal Integration - Video tutorial

CodeLobster Pros

  • Free version is feature rich
  • Pro version if fraction of the cost compared to other 'professional' IDE solutions
  • Drupal integration out of the box
  • 30 day trial of pro plugins
  • PHP Debugger

CodeLobster Cons

  • I wish there was OSX and Linux version

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