DAAP (iTunes) server on WD MyBook World NAS HDD and iPhone Streaming

Submitted by Janak on Fri, 06/04/2010 - 20:11

Having bought the Western Digital My Book World NAS HDD 1TB I wanted to setup the Firefly mt-daapd service my music library and share it to my iPhone via my home WIFI..

so, here is what I did:


  • Set your router to assign it a static IP
  • Fire up your web browser open up the IP to your WD HDD, you will see WD admin panel, login with your/default login details (in the manual)
  • Under Advanced > Media > iTunes: enable the iTunes service
  • Fire up your browser to http://[your NAS IP]:3689 (default iTunes daap port) to open up the Firefly GUI

iPhone DAAP connection:

Its a real shame that iPhone/iPod cannot natively connect to shared daap libraries (inc iTunes shared libraries).

It took me a while to find this fantastic iPhone/iPod native app called Simple DAAP Client by magnet-magic.com. Download it free in the Apple store.

Connect to the WIFI router from the iPhone and launch the app. On launch, Simple DAAP Client will scan the network and display a list of DAAP servers on the network. Connect up and enjoy your music.

App description from magnet-magic.com

Simple DAAP Client is Music Streaming Client application based on Digital Audio Access Protocol(DAAP).It can connect to DAAPD Server as mt-daapd, receives streaming musics.

But it does not support connecting to iTunes , because connecting to iTunes is needed special validation.

iPhone DAAP Demo by www.magnet-magic.com

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