Drupal 6 SEO: Optimise Read More link in Node Teasers

Submitted by Janak on Sun, 06/28/2009 - 14:33

Following on from my previous post about "nofollow" on comments, I came across Google's < 100 Links per page Rule. After a little more Google searching, It appears (as with any SEO topic) the < 100 link rule is also much debated and argued about.

On a typical Drupal view/list page listing Node Teasers, each node will feature a "Read More" option. From SEO perspective, this does not serve any purpose as keyword for each link is simply "READ MORE", as a keyword this does not carry any SEO value at all. More importantly, this adds an unnecessary link to the page (Node title serves much better SEO purpose).

If you are worried about this, there are 3 possible solutions to this:

  • Remove Read More link completely from node teasers
  • Change Read More text to something of a higher SEO¬†value
  • Add nofollow to Read More link in teasers

Before I ventured into Drupal API to look for possible preprocess and hook functions and write my patches, a quick search in the Drupal Module repository revealed a module called Read More link. This fantastic little module by Todd Nienkerk addresses above three scenarios and does much more..

Install it using your prefered method (CVS/wGet Tar/FTP) > visit settings page and customise the options > done

Again, SEO in Drupal doesnt get any easier than this.