Exporting, importing and merging EXIF data among images

Submitted by Janak on Fri, 08/14/2009 - 11:06

Ever felt the need to display EXIF data for your images but wanted to optimise the image for web as well? Photoshop by default strips out any EXIF data when exporting for web. So, how do we go about it? easy...

  • Optimise (save for web) your image as normal using the photo application of your choice and save it as a new image (we need the original for EXIF data).
  • Install ExifTool
  • Merge the EXIF data from original image to optimised image like so (I use OSX)
  • exiftool -tagsFromFile ORIGINAL.JPG optimised.jpg

    To remove exif thumbnail from the image

     exiftool -thumbnailimage= optimised.jpg