Free Hotmail POP3 on iPhone

Submitted by Janak on Mon, 07/27/2009 - 10:51

It seems back in January this year Microsoft decided it was about time to allow free POP3 access to free Hotmail accounts. In the past this feature was only available to paid users. Yes, although I do not use hotmail account for anything important other than using it for signing up for random/unimportant websites, it is still very handy to have POP3 access even it is for downloading your spam messages.

So, if you happen to have an iPhone, here is how to setup your new hotmail account in iPhone's native mail app (Bye bye izymail and m.Box)..

  • Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen
  • Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Tap Add Account under Accounts
  • Choose Other
  • Type your Name, Email and Password
  • Tap Save

If for some reason this does not auto populate the settings for you, use these settings manually:


Pop3 Server: (Port: 995)
SMTP Server: (Port: 25)

Advanced Settings:

Incoming Uses SSL: On
Outgoing Uses SSL: On
Authentication: Password
Delete from Server: When removed from inbox

Ofcourse this setup is not limited to iPhone, you can use the same settings for your desktop OSX Mail client, Thunderbird or Outlook etc..

Update: Seems like Microsoft is keen not to isolate iPhone Hotmail users and decided to write a blog post of their own: How to setup Hotmail on iPhone?