SpiderOak - empty the upload queue from the command line

Submitted by Janak on Mon, 07/11/2011 - 00:29

Being a fan of all things security, I recently started using SpiderOak for my secure cloud storage. The service is brilliant but I came across a few issues, one of which is quite a bug one for me.

Suppose in the heat of the moment you decided to upload/backup a large folder/file but only to change your mind. There isnt a neat GUI solution that will cancel the upload process. Hopefully SpiderOak will fix this in the next release, in the meantime here is how I managed purge upload queue it on my mac:

Pause all uploads

well, hit the 'pause all uploads' button in the status tab

Unselect the large folder

from backup tab, unselect the folder/file you wish to cancel. This will ensure the item is removed from scheduled uploads

Remove partially uploaded files

If the file has already appeared in your View tab, select it and press Remove

Manually purge the upload queue

quit SpiderOak and run the following command on MAC:

/Applications/SpiderOak.app/Contents/MacOS/SpiderOak --destroy-shelved-x
/Applications/SpiderOak.app/Contents/MacOS/SpiderOak --repair


macbook:~ janaksingh$ /Applications/SpiderOak.app/Contents/MacOS/SpiderOak --destroy-shelved-x
Connecting to server and dropping shelved xacts from session...
Dropped on server, now dropping locally...
Removing Transaction 143128-1-1030 (slot 1), size 32.83 MB:
Removing Transaction 143128-1-1031 (slot 2), size 506 bytes:
Removing Transaction 143128-1-1032 (slot 3), size 335 bytes:
Removing Transaction 143128-1-1033 (slot 4), size 12.1 KB:
Rebuilding snapshot...
Done. You should probably also run --rebuild-reference-database or --repair now.
macbook:~ janaksingh$ /Applications/SpiderOak.app/Contents/MacOS/SpiderOak --repair
Generating local cache digest
Connecting to server...
Connected to server, requesting repair...(this may take awhile)
3 updated items and 2 new items found.
Building database of encrypted blocks
Rebuilding reference database (this may take awhile...)
Rebuild of reference database complete (394 updates made).
Rebuilding snapshot...
Repair complete.
macbook:~ janaksingh$ 

If you are using a PC, the instructions are the same, apart from running:

c:\"Program Files (x86)"\SpiderOak\SpiderOak.exe --destroy-shelved-x
c:\"Program Files (x86)"\SpiderOak\SpiderOak.exe --repair